Global Supply Chain Leaders Group


Dr. Stefan Rhiem is President and CEO of RHIEM Intermedia GmbH, RHIEM Services 
GmbH and RHIEM Druck (printing) GmbH. All three companies are based in Voerde, Germany just outside the Ruhr Basin (former coal mining area, today's logistics hot spot in central Europe and main industrial base in Germany). Since 1995, when Stefan first started at RHIEM Druck (printing company), a family owned business, the company has grown by 25% each year - two additional companies, RHIEM Services and RHIEM Intermedia, were found.

The cooperation of all three companies provides a full service Supply Chain Management Solution: production – fulfillment/eCommerce – distribution/logistics.

Prior to his current position, Stefan worked as a scientific officer at the well-known Fraunhofer Institut für Produktionstechnologie (production technology), IPT, consulting Germany’s TOP 50 and international companies in quality management projects.

Stefan holds a graduation in engineering from RWTH, Aachen.  The faculty of engineering does research in engineering and technology with 50 chairs and maintains close relationship to top combinations (public private partnerships) and the industry to provide best education to its students.